Renate Gruenberger - Psychic Readings



I don’t offer reading per minute but rather an “all-in” price because one cannot concentrate on the answer if you already think of the next question. This was so you can relax and go deeper into the subject.

A reading takes as long as it takes
often more than one hour. The price is 70,- € and you can pay easily with PayPal.

If you live in Berlin
and would rather have a personal reading (which is of course much more intense) the price is 150,- €. Also here it takes as long as it takes. Personal readings are never under 2 hours, I had cases where it took more than 3 hours.


Usui Reiki Initiation

1st level 170,- €
2nd level 250,- €
Master level 350,- €
Teacher 600,- €


Reiki Treatment

1 treatment session (60 minutes) 60,- €
(I recommend getting 3 treatments in a row (within 10 days) for lasting and thorough results.)

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